Max New York Life ULIP NAV Value

Published on Apr 23 2011 // Latest NAV, Life Insurance, ULIP 50,392 views


With today’s Insurance Policy being sold as ULIP plans, every Policy Owner is interested to know his/her current net worth. Do you think it is important to check NAV on daily basis, No. This is not required todo so. As ULIPs keep fluctuating as the Stock Market moves up-down, similar is the ULIP NAV. Remember, if you have select low risk or even bonds in your portfolio, there is no worry.

To know the latest NAV Value select the provider (MAX NewYork) and you can get history of how the fund has performed.

Follow the below simple steps, and get to know the latest or history of your Fund NAV.

1. Select the Insurance provider
2. Select the policy name
3. Select the fund type

Other option is visit the Insurance provider website. To know Max New York Life Insurance ULIP NAV, it is easy todo so.

As we visit the website of Max New York Life website, i would require to have the Policy Name and name of fund.

What are steps to be followed?

1. Click Here to check your current NAV value.
2. Select the Product
3. How long period do you want to read thru?
4. Click the submit button, and the report shall queues and required permission.